The internet is now part of our daily life. It is intertwine with what we do every day from getting information to enjoying entertainment.

Why do you needs temporary home internet WiFi ?

There are different reasons why you would need to get a temporary Wifi internet.  You are likely to need a temporary home internet device to use in the UK for the following reasons (obviously not limited to)

So you may have found yourself in a situation where you are moving home, but your new home has no internet installation. Now you find yourself in a situation where you can not work from home, watch movies at night or even play online games(or your children playing online games ).

What are the temporary internet option do you have?

You can hire a portable pocket wifi dongle

A portable wifi dongle is a device that is small enough to fit into your pocket, hence also known as pocket wifi device. The pocket wifi hire device runs on battery power for 8-48 hours and is rechargeable when the battery finishes.

Temporary Home internt WiFi

A temporary home wifi router is device that enables you to access the internet without landline. All you have to do is plug it to a power source, switch it on and connect to the router through wifi or using an ethernet /LAN cable and start enjoying your internet access.