Urgently looking for temporary internet when moving house or while waiting for installation is a situation you can easily find yourself.

You are moving home, created your to do list and planned your new home move. But then you get to your new home and find out your internet broadband would not be available for anther two weeks. Now what do you do? How I get internet while waiting for my broadband to be installed?

Solutions for temporary home internet

Use free internet from coffee shops

These days it’s become a norm for coffee shops to provide free internet for customers in their cafe. So you can just
  1. order a cup of coffee, tea or soft drink which can be between £1.75 – £3.65 (depending on your choice) and a couple of pounds for a snack (if needed)
  2. take a seat in a section of the cafe with a wall plug and setup your gadget/MAC/laptop
  3. slowly sip through your coffee as slow as you can to make it last for the next 4 to 6 hours while you work. If you fee guilty of staying too long, you can just buy another cup of tea/coffee/drink
then repeat the process every day, until your broadband gets installed. another advantage of this solution is that you get to do a bit of walking from your house to the coffee shop every day which adds up to your daily exercise. Disadvantage of this solution is you or your family are unable to connect your TV or game console to the internet when the shop closes for the day, you would have to go back home and wait until the next day to access the internet again this can easily cost you  over £10 per day if you are using one of those trendy coffee shops But if you want to access the internet from the comfort of your home and at any time of the day, connect you home gadget to the internet without needing to go out all the time just to get internet access. Then the next option would be a better solution

Hire a temporary home internet router kit

  1. Hire our moving home internet router kit
  2. The router arrives on your start of hire date
  3. just plug in the temporary internet router to a power source and switch it on
connect any of your wifi enabled devices to the router and start accessing the internet. No landline needed. And that is it!  you don’t require any configurations, setups and no landline needed.

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