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General FAQ about moving internet

It does “Not” require landline to work. Once the package gets delivered to you, just

  1. plug it to a power source and switch on
  2. connect any wifi enabled gadget to it through WiFi or LAN/Ethernet cable

and you can start enjoying the internet.

Yes, that is it! no configuration is needed, no complex setup, just plug and connect and start accessing the internet.

You can also see how the hire process works by visiting our How it Works page

You do not need Landline to use the router. It works independently of any landline. You can use it in caravan, porta cabins, at home.

Just plug it to a power source and connect your gadgets to it through WiFi  or LAN/Ethernet cable and you can start accessing the internet.

Yes you can extend your hire as much as you require by contacting us to request an extension. Just send an email reply to your hire confirmation email and tell us how long you wish to extend the hire for, and an online payment invoice/page would be generated and emailed to you so you can pay for the extension online.

We currently don’t issue refund for early return of devices. But you can hire for a short period of time, and contact us to extend your hire if you need it for longer.

You can  contact us to ask us to check if there’s good coverage at the location you will be using the device and providing us with the post code of the location of where you would be using the device

But as standard, we check the internet coverage of the delivery address so that the best available network gets assigned to you.  If none of the network we use have coverage at your delivery address location or there are network repairs or issues at the location which can affect your speed, we would most likely email you to notify you about this before we dispatch it.

Your package would include a “courtesy” Free return postage label and instruction (instructions also in your hire confirmation email) for posting the device back at the end of your hire.

If you misplace the return label, please contact us and we would provide you with an address to send the device back to.

The latest day your hired device(s) need to be posted back to us is on the actual day your hire ends.  Late return would incur a daily late return fees plus an admin charge(please see late return section of our rental agreement page  )

Yes, you can get a temporary Wifi at home by renting a short term home internet router from our hire page. 

No landline needed, just plug it to a power source, switch it on, and that’s it, you can start accessing the internet through WiFi or using a LAN/Ethernet wire. 

Late/Last minute orders are sent through a “Next Working Day” delivery service ( See our delivery information page for more details).

Delivery related question

If you

  • need a device tomorrow
  • and you select tomorrow as your start of hire date,
  • and we receive your order before our last dispatch time today

your assigned device would be dispatched today (using a trusted delivery company we work with) through a Next Working day delivery service to arrive with you tomorrow.

Please see our delivery information page for more details 

If Royal mail or the delivery company delivers the device to you late due to the delivery company’s fault (EG: there was a delay in their logistics which caused the device to arrive late), you can contact us and

  • your start date can be moved to the day that your delivery was made.
  • Or the hire period missed due to the delay can be refunded back to you at the end of your hire period after the returned device has been received.


The delivery company would normally pass a leaflet through your door with a guide on how to reschedule another delivery attempt (information would also be on the tracking web page) or collect it from the local delivery office.

Your assigned device would arrive on your start of hire date(excluding Sunday and public holidays) or may arrive 1 day in advance as a courtesy when possible.

See our delivery information page for more details


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