There are several options for emergency and temporary internet when you just moved home, and these are just a few

  1. piggyback on your neighbours internet
  2. use your phone internet
  3. Hire a Temporary internet kit with unlimited data for home
  4. Go to cafe’s in your neighbourhood 

if you’ve recently moved to a new home, it can take as much as 1 month for your broadband provider to install your home internet and landline.

Some of the challenges at this point are, how do you 

Here are some possible options

Piggyback on your neighbours internet –  temporary bases

You can make friends with your new neighbours. Take along a gift while going over to introduce yourself. You can then return a few days later to explain the dilemma you currently have regarding your internet. Then ask if they’d be kind enough to share their internet while you await your broadband connection.

If the above option is not your style, you can try the other option below.

Use your phone internet

Most people use smartphones these days, and some people have access to unlimited data on their phone contract. If you are one of those who has unlimited data on your phone contract, then this could be a possible solution for you. You can switch on the Wifi Hotspot on your phone, and this would enable you connect your other wifi enabled gadgets to the internet coming from your phone. There are a some challenges you would need to be aware of when using this option

Hire a Temporary internet access kit for home

Temporary internet router device

You can hire an short term unlimited data internet router kit to use temporarily while you wait for your home broadband installation to take place. A Temporary internet router kit does not need landline or complex configuration. All you need to do is switch it on, connect any of your wifi enabled gadget to it through a WiFi connection, and that is it. You can start accessing the internet from any connected gadget 

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