Do you need temporary internet while you wait for you home internet installation? Your current situation could be

  1. you are moving home and your internet broadband provider is going to delay in installing your home internet broadband
  2. or you just haven’t got your internet setup in your new/rented home yet

Then there’s good news, as an alternative solution you can use while you wait for your home broadband internet installation. You can hire a temporary home internet router kit which provides you with unlimited data internet while you wait for your home internet to get installed.

Process for getting temporary internet is simple

  1. Hire the temporary home wifi internet device
  2. The device gets delivered to you through a next working day delivery service or by your start of hire date
  3. you plug it into a power source
  4. you switch the wifi internet router on
  5. then you connect any of your wifi enabled gadgets to the router

and that is all it takes, you can start accessing the internet.